I was born and raised in Minnesota with my two brothers. As far back as I can remember, I knew I was different/unique. I was never afraid to study hard to earn great grades, dedicate myself to be a championship swimmer, and accomplish as much as I could.


Swimming came naturally to me and I excelled in the water. After 3 high school state championships and setting a Minnesota all-time state record, I was offered scholarships to colleges across the country. While my 10 years of swimming held amazing memories, I was ready to move on and experience new adventures!


After high school I moved to Germany to study at the Cologne Business School. I immersed myself in the culture. With that came morning stops to the delicious corner bread shop… leading me to move back to the states and graduate from The French Pastry School.


As a budding pastry chef, I moved to Colorado and worked, as well as managed, two gelato shops. It was there in my spare time I volunteered at the local animal shelter where I rescued my dog, Penpo. Missing my family, I moved back to Minnesota and opened my own successful business, Simply Gelato.


After selling my business, I took my pastry talents to the prestigious Las Vegas Aria Resort & Casino, where I worked with a team crafting over 10,000 pastries daily. While living in Las Vegas I enrolled in voiceover classes at the university and immediately fell in love with voice acting. I researched and built my own home-based vocal studio. Eventually I transitioned from pastry to full time voice over and moved to Los Angeles.


I spent most days working alone from my home. A job I loved, but loneliness I didn’t. After gaining over 100lbs I made a decision to tackle my weight loss competitively and in the national spotlight. I not only won NBC’s The Biggest Loser Season 15 but also set records along the way. I’m proud of everything I accomplished on the ranch and in turn found a person in me that I will cherish for the rest of my life.


So far, my life has been full of learning, changing and growing. When I am not working, studying at school, or training for my next marathon, you can find me looking for new ways to inspire and make a difference.


I am committed to living a healthy life and being open to the possibilities that lie ahead. Life is an adventure and I’m ready!