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Asics LA Marathon - March 15, 2015

Hi Everyone!


I am doing something amazing to challenge myself. I am officially running the 2015 Asics Marathon. This will be my first marathon ever… and I want to make an impact in more ways than one in my journey to crossing the finish line.


I want to run with a purpose, so for this year’s LA Marathon, I’m dedicating my race to World Vision.


A friend and I got together over coffee to speak about young girls in Africa having to walk an upward of 15 miles daily to provide water for their families to survive. He then told me that by becoming a Team World Vision athlete, my fundraising could potentially help bring clean water to a different child each mile.


World Vision works with communities in desperate need to help provide things like clean water, nutritious food, education, medical care, and economic opportunity.


By running in this marathon with TWV, I will be helping children use the time they had to get water daily to find themselves and see how truly amazing they are! It will give them the chance to go to school, create themselves, and grow!


It’s amazing to find that within yourself, and even greater to give that extraordinary gift to another.


The needs are real, but there is something we can do!


Together we’ll transform… ourselves and the world!



Season 15 Winner - The Biggest Loser

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